We started in 2006 approaching the leather bags world from a different point of view, not as a stylist but as designers. Our company name, Aznom is the backwards of Monza, the city where we are based and where  one of the oldest and important racing circuit of the world is based. Here people's live is strongly connected with colours, sound and vitality of the circuit and of the ancient royal park where it rise on. 

For its characteristics the Carbon Fiber is one of the most important and innovative material in the motorsport, and more often in a lot of technological objects with high performance. But this part of Italy is also a land with a long manufacturing tradition. Here, thanks to the hard work of the old artisans, some of the greatest luxury leather brands were born. From these places and this background comes the inspiration for our collection of products.

Our aim was to merge the Italian tradition of leather craftsmen with the innovation and technology of composite materials, so we started to collaborate with that artisan to create our collection.

After a long period of experimentation that is continuously developed, the Carbon Fiber Collection was born, a unique carbon-fiber&leather goods collection with the real Italian design, quality and manufacturing.