Black widow


The product is bespoke on request and the delivery time is estimated after the order.

A table which takes inspiration from high speed and it is produced with the technology and the materials typical of racing cars. Aluminium and carbon are mixed together to create a modern chassis.

The central carbon tube can be obtained from stratified sheets of carbon until a width of 8mm. At the bottom of the pipe there are two aluminium joints which connects the carbon beam to the legs in order to evenly distribute the load on the whole structure. The top of the legs, which are screwed to the joint, it is like a race car chassis where some 6 mm aluminium carbon reinforced layers are fasten in order to add mechanical strength. The bottom of the legs are characterized by an adjustable aluminium foot. The adjustment can be made with an hexagonal key that you can find in the assembly kit.

Height: 75 cm Width: 100 cm Length: 220 cm

Made in Italy