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Brand History

McLaren was officially founded in 1963 as a team thanks to the young New Zealand driver Bruce McLaren.

The team made its debut in F1 in 1966. From this date, the British company began to win in almost all categories of motorsport.
2011 saw the birth of the MP4-12C, the first ever McLaren road car designed, engineered and built in-house.

Customer request

With the launch of this prestigious sports car, McLaren commissioned us to design and produce a set of custom luggage to be housed in the front boot.

The first objective was to conceive a product that could make the best use of the limited space available for luggage transport.

The second objective was to obtain a design product consistent with the lines and materials of the car.

Concept design

Taking inspiration from the design of the MP4-12C, we designed the luggage set, creating a series of details in line with the elements that characterise the MP4-12C.

  • The seat embroidery was reproduced on the front panels of the leather bags.
  • The rings that join the front panels with the handles are made from aluminium machined from solid and reflect the design of the car’s pedals.
  • The ends of the handles, made with carbon fiber tubes, are closed by aluminium caps machined from solid that reflect the shape of the pistons.
  • The colour & trim reflect the characteristic tones of the brand (black and orange).
  • The luggage is made of the MP4-12C’s three characteristics materials: carbon, aluminium and leather.

Inspirational materials

  • Aluminium milled from solid
  • Carbon fiber
  • Leather
  • Technical fabrics

Product Design/ Prototyping

The McLaren luggage set consists of 3 pieces (2 suitcases and a laptop bag) of different sizes that fit perfectly inside the luggage compartment, minimising the space between the individual elements to avoid undesirable movements during high-speed turns.

After a 3D scan of the boot, every single detail was drawn with 3D software to ensure utmost accuracy.

Following the modelling and after selecting the materials with the customer, we made prototypes to verify finishes and measurement accuracy.


Once the design guidelines had been defined, we implemented a full line of accessories.


  • Car luggage
  • Garment bag
  • Golf bag
  • Wallet
  • Business card holder
  • Log book holder
  • Key ring
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Case history

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