Case History Le Beauvallon

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Brand History

Domaine de Beauvallon was one of the first projects created by the vision of brothers Emile and Edmond Bernheim. They bought an entire hill and, between 1911 and 1914, built a golf course and a hotel, whose original name was Le Golf Hotel.

Once the work had been completed, the First World War broke out and the Bernheim brothers made the hotel available to make it the 1st Red Cross hospital on the Riviera.


Customer request

The current owner had found 150 bottles from 1945 in the cellar. He therefore decided to give them to his most important customers.

The request was to create packaging for the wine that would make the most of the history of this fine hotel. This had to be designed so that it could contain a USB drive, postcards from the era and a thank you note signed by the owner.

Concept design

Having analysed the history of the hotel, our attention focused on the war period.

1945, the year in which the wine was bottled, coincides with the date in which the war ended and led to the liberation of the country and, at the same time, allowed this wonderful structure in belle époque style, to return to the function for which it was originally designed.

The inspiration for the packaging design came from the first aid kits used during the war.

These objects, made of stitched leather with visible through stitches, had to respond to a specific need, namely that of lasting a long time.

Inspirational materials

  • Leather

Product Design/ Prototyping

Using the same technology of the World War II era and the same materials, we created a unique object, the result of an almost forgotten craftsmanship.

  • A rigid bag made of leather in the shape of a parallelepiped which, once opened, by simply unhooking the clips, reveals the bottle
  • A cork with a USB drive inside
  • A compartment for the postcards
  • A ring, made of leather, which would allow a rolled-up sheet of paper with the owner’s thanks to be placed inside.



  • 2 mm leather wine packaging with through stitching and internal compartments
Aznom know-how

Case history

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