Fincantieri Case History

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Brand History

Fincantieri is one of the most important shipbuilding complexes in the world and the first in terms of diversification, sustainability and innovation.

It is a leader in the design and construction of cruise ships and a benchmark operator in all high-technology marine engineering sectors, from military vessels to offshore, from special ships and highly complex ferries to mega-yachts.

Customer request

The collaboration with Fincantieri stems from the company’s desire to create original gifts for authorities, ship owners and partners.

Objects able to combine history and innovation, symbolic elements of the customer’s corporate culture.

Concept design

The development of the project started from the customer’s wishes.

We therefore drew inspiration from the founding elements of the company: Italian style, technology and innovation, and from the materials belonging to the past and present of the company such as wood and carbon fiber.

Thus the Fincantieri letter opener, which reproduces the fluid-dynamic shapes of an Andrea Doria class destroyer, took shape:

  • One side of the letter opener silhouette is made of carbon fiber
  • The other side, on the other hand, is made of wood, the first natural material used by man in his constructions and by Fincantieri for its first prestigious ship, the Partenope
  • In a subsequent phase, carbon (3 mm sheet) and wood (1 mm sheet) are first laminated and then milled with a numerical control machine
  • A hand-stitched leather case contains and presents the item

Inspirational materials

  • Carbon fiber
  • Wood
  • Leather

Product Design/ Prototyping

The Fincantieri letter opener set consists of a carbon fiber and cold rolled wood letter opener and a fine leather case.

These two items are placed inside a handmade box with carbon fiber texture and hot stamped aluminium logo.

The preparatory sketches were converted to a 3D model using modelling software. Once the shapes and design had been verified, the model was made in resin with the aid of a 3D printer.


After having defined the materials and received the customer’s approval, the 3D model was engineered to create a programme to be entered in a 5-axis milling machine with which the letter opener was made.

Each individual piece was moulded, silk-screened and painted before being put in the gift kit, including leather case.

The letter opener set was placed in a box with heat stamped carbon fiber texture and foam interior coupled with Alcantara.


  • Letter opener
  • Document holder with key ring
  • Mouse pad
Aznom know-how

Case history

A product is not a mere object but a tool for going through an experience. Unique, substantial and memorable. To talk about.