What we do

We create and promote the brand identity of national and international companies in order to make it stand out on the market in terms of originality and style.
We are the single point of contact for our customers for the conception and development of highly personalised design and digital communication projects.

Our service

Thanks to the harmonious relationship between the skills of our team, always ready to be contaminated by both new trends and more classic artistic elements, Aznom stands out as a unique Italian reality.

Our goal, in fact, is to provide brand studies, art direction, creation of customised product lines and luxury gifts that can stand out on the market for their uniqueness and attention to detail and we take care of the digital communication of projects implemented in order to underline their quality and distinctive values to the public.

Idea Concept and Art Direction

Idea Concept is the most creative and delicate phase of the entire project because it has the task of translating the customer vision and the values of its company into graphic art, to give it uniqueness and originality so that it stands out on the market of competitors and, at the same time, to ensure it concreteness and functionality during the implementation phase.

Product Design

The dialogue between creativity and functionality is concretely defined in the Product Design phase, which has the task of translating the concept, conceived and agreed upon with the customer, into design. Using 2D and 3D software, we design virtual objects, even very complex ones, which will then be tested during the product engineering phase, in terms of materials, production technology, structure and functioning of their various constituent parts.


After receiving the customer’s approval of the prototype, made by combining the manual skills of our craftsmen supported by the most modern rapid prototyping and numerical control milling technologies, the Production phase is started. To this end, we select the most suitable Aznom partners to meet different types of product requirements and implement from one-offs to limited editions and mass production.


We deal with corporate and product communication with intelligence, strategy and passion, through a careful analysis of the brand history in order to present it on the market in a clear, simple but at the same time authoritative and impactful way. We create brand value through the implementation of Branding & Identity, Web & Graphic Design, Storytelling and Social Media projects.


“The most satisfied customers are the greatest source of learning”



Why choose our services?


We implement our projects from scratch. Starting from the creative idea up to the finished product, fully meeting the customer’s needs, the agreed timing and the set budget.


Aznom is an Italian company, proud of the Monza area and of the link with its craftsmen. Made in Italy represents creativity, quality and Italian lifestyle, renowned and sought after worldwide.


We create, manage and communicate your company’s identity and values through the design of a coherent and positive image, able to impress itself for its uniqueness and style in the mind of your customer.


We have been at the forefront of packaging design since 2012. Through attention to shape and graphics, the packaging aesthetically elevates your product, helping to make it a symbol of your brand.

Aznom know-how

Case history

A product is not a mere object but a tool for going through an experience. Unique, substantial and memorable. To talk about.