About us

We are a group of professionals united by a passion for design, communication and the art of manufacturing and for their union that results in inspiring products. We share a dynamic mindset oriented towards challenges and the search for innovative solutions.

studio aznom Moza Carbon fiber design & Premium luxury gift

Vision and Mission

Fifth generation of the Meregalli Group, one of the most important and historical Italian companies in the distribution of wine and spirits, Marcello Meregalli, an avant-garde entrepreneur, proud of his Monza area, known throughout the world for its connection with the national racetrack, founded Aznom in 2006, whose name, written backwards, stems from the city where the company is based.

The passion for cars and for the world of luxury is the founding element of Aznom, a company which, through the development of art direction projects, the creation of customised product lines and unique and innovative luxury gifts, strives to celebrate, in an exclusive manner, the customer’s brand by strengthening brand identity and consolidating the bond of trust with its customers.

Indeed, Aznom’s mission is to achieve bespoke design and communication products starting from understanding customer wishes and translating them firstly into a creative idea and then into a finished product, thanks to the skilful art of all the fine artisans of the area.


“Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It’s not. It’s the opposite of vulgarity.”



From the combination of the idea of Meregalli and the creativity of the designers Matteo Bertanelli and Michele Di Monte comes the Carbon Business Collection, a line of work bags, luxury travel bags and business accessories (wallets, belts, key rings) which, taking inspiration from the racing world, combines materials such as carbon, metals milled from solid and fine leather in a clever and original manner.

The value and originality of the Carbon Business Collection line soon attracted the attention of high-calibre customers from the automotive sector such as Pagani and McLaren, which commissioned Aznom to implement bespoke designed and implemented high quality projects.

The evolution of the expertise brings the company excellent feedback from the public, allowing it to expand the areas of intervention – from boating to fashion, wine and spirits – and to receive orders from the royal houses of a number of sultanates.

Today, Aznom can count on a multidisciplinary staff with strong expressive versatility that can follow the communication projects of national and international brands from the art direction (product design and graphics), product creation, packaging and digital communication point of view.

Aznom’s focus is to promote the brand identity of its customers and provide them with an exclusive and bespoke service based on a precise strategic vision, on the definition of priorities and delivery times and on the coordination of the designers and craftsmen involved.


Reliable people, working with passion and commitment: this is the spirit of Aznom.

We are convinced that the secret of good teamwork lies the ability to develop clear, direct and honest communication based on dialogue and listening.

A communication that encourages the free expression of ideas and is the spark of that creative process able to transform them into concrete customer solutions.

No protagonist but close-knit professionals working together.

Matteo Bertanelli Operation Manager
Operation Manager

Matteo Bertanelli

Michele Di Monte Account Manager
Account Manager

Michele Di Monte

Giorgio Cambiaghi Product Senior Manager
Product Senior Manager

Giorgio Cambiaghi

Camilla Bernardo Social Media Specialist
Social Media Specialist

Camilla Bernardo

Francesca Calloni Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Francesca Calloni

Carbon Fiber Collection

Craftsmanship is an Italian heritage with deep roots. An ancient art that has always created precious and refined objects characterised by a precise selection of materials and a particular attention to manufacturing and to detail. These characteristics make Made in Italy products famous worldwide.

With the Carbon Collection, Aznom wanted to merge tradition and innovation: technological materials such as aeronautical carbon cooked in an autoclave were worked by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen and sewn with selected leathers or combined with CNC machined pieces conceived as modern art objects. Past and future come together in design objects with strong technical content.


“A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away!”


AZNOM Automotive

Starting from our customers' wishes, we are able to create customisations for every type of car.
We have no catalogues, price lists or predefined layouts but we can guarantee you unconventional ideas, high quality materials, know-how and absolute attention to detail.

AZNOM Palladium

Palladium stems from the combination of the versatility of a sports SUV with the elegance of a limousine. A luxury off-road saloon car.
Its unconventional appearance enhances the uniqueness of a design equal only to the strength of its mechanics.